Hello World

Feeling as if the world is a farce was something I experienced when I first entered university. It’s a lonely cry of an idealist in the real world, often drowned out by the daytime hustle and bustle, only to find solace in the quiet of night. In those moments, discovering that one’s own voice can be heard, by oneself, brings joy and a sense of being moved. Yet, with the dawn, comes the inevitable return to reality.

Idealists face the dilemma of being swept along by the currents of a world driven by interests, constantly questioning their actions’ purpose, fluctuating between self-satisfaction from gains and despair from losses in the real world. They detest the reality they cannot change, unable to find a way to live independently and joyously from it. The saying goes, if you cannot detach from something or someone, it’s because you’re benefiting from it in some way, hence part of you is reluctant to let go.

What then, should idealists strive for? A life detached from the material world, or a reluctant acceptance of reality? The former is hard due to competitive nature, desires, or basic survival needs, and the latter, while achievable, rarely brings happiness. Is there a middle path that allows for free movement between the ideal and the real world? Perhaps it’s finding one’s ideal within reality – a mix of 80% pure passion and 20% interest. It means finding something you love that can also sustain you, but that’s immensely challenging. For instance, I love art, but how much can art earn me? And to link art with making money feels like a betrayal to both art and my passion, turning my life into a joke. Life, it seems, is much like a joke. If possible, let’s continue telling this joke until we can laugh it off in the end…